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2024 Fair Dates July 27 - Aug 3

Fair Entry

All online forms are due at 11:59 p.m. on the deadline day.


When completing your forms, be sure to completely fill out your forms and have them signed.  RFID numbers will be closely looked at on all of our beef, dairy and feeder registration forms as will Scrapie Tag numbers for sheep & goats, and 840 tags are required for swine.


On market animal registration forms GCFFY will need to have one picture (side profile) of the entire animal and a picture of the ear tag clearly visible for each animal. You can include more than one picture per entry. Incomplete registration entries will NOT be accepted. Go to to complete the entry process.


Entry Form Registration Dates

Market Beef Registration                            February 15, 2023
Market Feeder Registration                        April 15, 2023

Dairy Registration                                        May 15, 2023

Dog Registration                                         May 15, 2023

PeeWee Animal Declaration                      May 15, 2023
Horse Registration                                      May 15, 2023
Market Sheep Registration                        May 15, 2023
Market Swine Registration                         May 15, 2023
Market Goat Registration                          May 15, 2023

Rabbits and Cavies                                     June 1, 2023

Fair Queens                                                June 2, 2023
Small Animal/Non-market Animal           July 1, 2023
All Other Class Registration – (Including PeeWees)          July 1, 2023

Off Road Vehicle Registration -- Price increases after      July 23, 2023

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