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Winter Storage Participants

During the months of October - April we have the opportunity to store campers, boats, vehicles and much more for community members.  Our storage list is based on a first right or refusal to those that have stored with us the previous year.  We manage those that are return items and then we open up storage to the rest of the community on a first come first served basis as barn storage permits.  We have locked, indoor storage space that rents for $12 per linear foot.  We also have a limited amount of outdoor unlocked storage for $7 per linear foot.  

Using our barns for winter storage is just one additional fundraiser we have to provide a #bestweekofthesummer fair for our youth!  Thank you to each and everyone of you that stores with us.

The registration form can be found below.  When measuring your unit or item to store remember it has to be hitch to bumper not the model length.

Our date winter storage in is Saturday, October 21, 2023 and it will be removed on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

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