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Record Books

All exhibitors who exhibit an animal project for the livestock sale must complete a record book for every species they will sell (including dairy).  Poultry, rabbits and cavies will NOT being doing record books.  Instead, they will be doing an educational poster.  

All horse exhibitors must complete a horse record book. Other exhibitors who show breeding stock or pets are strongly encouraged to complete a record book to help them learn more about their projects but they are not required.

Educational Poster Guidelines

These are to be done for poultry and rabbit/cavy.

  • Standard size poster board 22 x 28

  • Must have name and exhibitor number on front of poster

  • Hand Written

  • Must have:

    • Title

    • Illustrations with descriptions (illustrations can be done by hand or pictures that are cut and pasted, but descriptions need to be hand written)

    • Factual information

  • Graded on:  presentation and factual accuracy

  • Topics as listed below by Age Division

    • Senior Poultry - Biosecurity Topic

    • Intermediate Poultry - Feed & Nutrition Topic

    • Junior Poultry - Egg Life Cycles Topic

    • Senior Rabbit/Cavy - Genetics or Production

    • Intermediate Rabbit/Cavy - Diseases or Nutrition

    • Junior Rabbit/Cavy - Showmanship or Anatomy

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